Benefits of Allergan Inspira Breast Implants

ModelHere in America we have three implant companies to choose from (Allergan, Mentor® and Sientra) for our breast augmentation patients. I prefer to use the Allergan implants because I like the styles and shapes that they provide. Recently, within the last two months, Allergan has introduced their new implants called the Allergan Inspira silicone gel implants.

I have used these new implants now for the past two months and have placed them into about 30 patients. These new implants have more gel per implant. More gel per implant means that there is less of a chance of wrinkling or visibility of the silicone gel implant.

These breast implants are the most up-to-date in terms of technology in the silicone breast implant field. The shell is very durable and has a less likelihood of silicone gel being released across it.

I performed over 152 breast augmentation surgeries last year (2014), and this year I am going to increase that number by about 20 percent. I perform about two to four breast augmentation surgeries in a day. Looking at my numbers, I do about 70 percent silicone and 30 percent saline breast implant surgeries. The surgery takes approximately one hour to perform, depending on the complexity of the case, and the recovery time is three to five days. Recovery is very fast because I use a special technique with Marcaine (numbing medication) to numb the breast and provide a faster and quicker recovery. Absorbable sutures are used so there is no need to remove stitches and no drains are used for primary breast augmentation surgeries.

When choosing your surgeon, make sure to see lots of pictures and ask if they fix breast implant problems as well. Fixing difficult breast implant complications has been one of the most rewarding surgeries in my practice.

It is important to always seek advice from a board certified plastic surgeon. Don’t be fooled by doctors who are the “pretenders.” There are lots of surgeons who will put in breast implants that haven’t had the training equal to a board certified plastic surgeon. Be sure to look for surgeons who are members of The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) and the Aesthetic Society (ASAPS). Both of these societies are the top in my field and it is an honor for me to be a member of both.

Andrew Cohen, MD

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