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What Is Mastopexy?

Breast lift surgery (also called mastopexy) is commonly used to counter the effects of time, gravity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. As women go through the natural changes brought about by age and the stages of motherhood, the breast tissue can begin to lose volume as the skin of the breasts loses elasticity. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Cohen, can often use breast lift surgery to improve the firmness as well as the shape of the breasts.

What are the Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery?

Dr. Cohen can customize the breast lift procedure to achieve the cosmetic goals of each woman. Many of our patients who choose to undergo breast lift surgery seek to:

  • Reposition the breasts to eliminate “sagging”
  • Elevate the position of the nipples
  • Reduce the size of the areolas
  • Rejuvenate the appearance of the breasts after pregnancy
  • Achieve a more youthful or “perky” look

Women who have had one or more children often find that a mastopexy is able to rejuvenate the appearance of the breasts after changes caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition, many women experience increased breast volume during pregnancy, which can stretch the skin of the breasts. After these women return to their normal weight and are no longer breastfeeding their children, the breasts may be left looking deflated or “droopy.” A breast lift can be performed alone to reverse these changes or incorporated into a comprehensive Mommy Makeover plan to maximize the impact of their results.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

Most women choose to undergo breast lift surgery to improve the firmness and position of their breasts. Patients who also seek to restore lost volume or increase the size of the breasts may be better suited for breast augmentation. In some cases, Dr. Cohen may recommend combining these two procedures to fully achieve the patient’s cosmetic goals (a breast augmentation with lift).

Dr. Cohen advises women who are considering breast lift surgery to wait until they no longer plan to have anymore children before scheduling the procedure. While a pregnancy after breast lift surgery is considered safe for both the mother and the child, the bodily changes caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding will likely compromise the results of the procedure. Women who have another child after a breast lift may choose to schedule a secondary procedure to restore their results.

What Will the Breast Lift Consultation Be Like?

During the initial consultation, Dr. Cohen will take time to learn about your unique cosmetic goals and design a custom-tailored approach to your procedure. Throughout the process, he will keep you well-informed, enabling you to make educated decisions about your health and your treatment. Dr. Cohen aims to provide you with long-lasting results that meet your expectations, yielding results that both look and feel natural.

How is the Breast Lift Procedure Performed?

  • Duration of Surgery: 2-3 hours, depending upon technique
  • Anesthesia Type: General anesthesia
  • Hospital Status: Outpatient
  • Procedure: Breast lift surgeries typically employ one of three incision patterns – periareolar, lollipop, and anchor-shaped (inverted “T”). Dr. Cohen will utilize the incision method that was determined during your consultation. Excess skin will be removed, then the underlying breast tissue is lifted, contoured, and shaped. The nipple and areola are repositioned, and finally, the incision is closed.
  • Post-Operative: Mild soreness, sensitivity, swelling, or bruising
  • Surgical Risks: Blood clots or infection are among the risks of breast lift surgery; however, Dr. Cohen is a highly experienced plastic surgeon and employs techniques that can reduce the risk of these complications.
  • Duration of Recovery: One week before returning to work, four weeks of avoiding strenuous exercise, and several months for scars to fade.
  • Results: Results typically last for many years. Though a breast lift can help reverse some common signs of age and changes due to childbirth, results are not immune to aging, time, and gravity. Dr. Cohen can rejuvenate the shape of the breasts; however, breast size and the age of the patient will factor into the longevity of the results.

How is the Breast Lift Recovery Process?

Patients can expect mild swelling, soreness, and bruising immediately following breast lift surgery. Any discomfort can be easily managed with oral pain medication, and these side effects should dissipate quickly. Most patients resume their normal daily activities after one week. Patients should avoid strenuous exercise or lifting any heavy objects for about four weeks. Follow-up appointments with Dr. Cohen are scheduled to check that the healing process is going well and that no complications arise.

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

When performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, breast lift results can be long lasting. There are a few ways that patients can also work to preserve the appearance and integrity of their outcome. It’s important to maintain a stable weight, as fluctuations can ultimately stretch skin leading to unwanted changes. The use of sunscreen and sun protection is also key to safeguard skin from harmful UV rays and to maintain skin laxity. Additionally, we recommend women choose an optimal time to undergo a breast lift, as pregnancy and breastfeeding can change and alter results from the procedure.

Can I Get a Non-Surgical Breast Lift?

The best way to achieve the appearance of more youthful, elevated breasts is with breast lift surgery. Some articles highlight non-surgical options, like laser treatments and injectables, for providing a lifting effect to the breasts, while also recommending a healthy diet and strong workout routine. While these methods can provide subtle improvement for some patients, they cannot raise sagging breast tissue and significantly tighten excessive skin for a perky and rejuvenated look. The most effective way to achieve those kinds of results is with a surgical breast lift procedure.

Should I Get Breast Implants with My Breast Lift?

A breast lift is primarily designed to remove excess skin, improve the shape of the breasts, and elevate the breasts to a more youthful position. Some of our breast lift patients choose to combine their surgery with breast augmentation to restore lost volume in addition to rejuvenating the appearance of the breasts. This combination procedure is medically known as augmentation mastopexy. Breast implants can provide greater fullness and shape that cannot be achieved with breast lift surgery alone. Depending upon the patient’s unique needs, Dr. Cohen may recommend having these procedures performed simultaneously or in two stages. He will help you make an informed decision about which breast surgery option is best for you and your body during your initial consultation.

How Much Does Breast Lift Surgery Cost?

Dr. Cohen customizes each breast lift surgery to meet the patient’s needs and expectations. As a result, the cost of the procedure varies depending upon the specifics of the treatment plan. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast lift surgery is $5,012. Factors that can influence the price of your breast lift may include:

  • Complexity of the surgical plan
  • Operating facility fees
  • Anesthesiologist fees
  • Experience of your plastic surgeon
  • Geographic location of the practice

At the conclusion of your initial consultation, Dr. Cohen will be able to provide you with an accurate quote for your customized breast lift procedure. To help our patients comfortably afford the cost of their breast augmentation, our practice has partnered with third-party companies including ALPHAEON Credit, BLIS® Specialty Insurance, and CareCredit®. Utilizing these plastic surgery financing options, qualifying patients can take advantage of low monthly payments with little to no interest. Please contact a member of our staff if you would like to learn more information about financing your breast lift.

Additional Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce swelling after a breast lift?

To help reduce swelling after a breast lift procedure, Dr. Cohen highly recommends wearing a surgical bra/compression garment as instructed, getting adequate rest, and drinking plenty of water. In addition, you should limit sodium intake and eat foods rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C. It is also important to avoid smoking and alcohol as these substances can negatively impact blood circulation, hydration, and recovery. During follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, Dr. Cohen will be able to advise when it is appropriate to reintroduce light exercise and other gentle activities, which support healthy blood circulation and combat swelling.

Is there a specific type of bra I should wear after a breast lift?

Following breast lift surgery, a surgical bra/compression garment will be provided and should be worn as directed in your aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Cohen. The timeline may vary per patient but, generally, expect to continuously wear it for four to six weeks to help reduce swelling, protect surgical incisions, and maintain the new position of the breasts. Patients should avoid wearing underwire bras for at least eight weeks, instead opting for supportive, soft bras with thick straps that are easy to manage.

Is a breast lift painful?

Most patients find the recovery process after breast lift surgery to be quite tolerable. Although it is normal to experience mild to moderate discomfort from swelling, bruising, and tenderness near the incisions, these symptoms can usually be alleviated with prescribed or over-the-counter oral pain medication as directed, as well as carefully applying cold packs to the affected areas.

Does insurance cover mastopexy?

Since breast lift surgery is typically an elective cosmetic enhancement procedure, as opposed to a surgery that is medically necessary for health reasons, it is unlikely for insurance providers to offer coverage for the procedure. As mentioned in the cost section above, our practice offers financing through reputable healthcare lenders so qualified applicants can still achieve their cosmetic goals with affordable payment options. More information can be shared during a personal consultation.

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