Will My Belly Button Look Natural After Abdominoplasty?

At our Encino practice, we often hear, “Dr. Cohen, I’m trying to get a flat tummy, but diet and exercise are not working!” This is a common concern among patients who have had kids, significant fluctuations in their weight, or are simply seeing the effects of aging and gravity. For women who are done having kids or have lost a significant amount of weight, it is usually a skin issue.

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is done by making a very low incision just above the pubic hair, and the extra skin and fat is removed. The abdominal muscles are tightened to create a flatter and more contoured abdomen. What makes a tummy tuck performed by Dr. Cohen unique is that he combines liposuction of the flanks (the sides) — not all surgeons do this. His incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures. 

Another frequently asked question is if the belly button will look natural following a tummy tuck. Belly buttons should be round and at the midline. Dr. Cohen has a way of creating a beautiful belly button and ensures that the incision is well hidden inside; however, patients who have asymmetry of the hips or have scoliosis may have, pre-operatively, a belly button that is off midline. Dr Cohen will make sure he does the best he can to make sure the belly button isn’t midline.

Liposuction using the Power-Assisted Liposuction machine from MicroAire® is done for every tummy tuck, as there is fatty tissue on the sides called the flanks and the mons area. The mons is the area above the privates that can collect fat. It is liposuctioned and this makes it look more youthful. The area of the mons is frequently lifted, which can improve sexual activity and sometimes help the bladder and cause less urinary leakage in some patients.

Healing generally takes a week or two, and during that time, patients will wear a compression garment to minimize swelling and to support the abdomen. For more information about a tummy tuck or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cohen, please contact our office today.