VI PEEL: A Highly Effective Alternative to Laser Treatments

Why am I blogging about a peel when I am a surgeon? Because my patients want rejuvenized skin and a great treatment at a reasonable price.

I have had great success with a facial treatment called VI PEEL. While lasers usually require multiple sessions to achieve the desired results, one VI PEEL offers excellent results with less discomfort and expense. For most patients, peels are done three to four times a year, but if you have extremely damaged skin, the treatment can initially be done once a month to expedite desired results. A single treatment will achieve significant repair and add a healthy glow to your skin, but additional treatments may be needed to help concerns such as acne scars, pore enlargement, and hyper pigmentation.

This peel is suitable for all skin types, and patients love it because it is not painful, takes about 20 minutes, and you can apply makeup a few hours after the treatment. Additionally, the neck, arms, hands and chest all respond well to a VI PEEL. This peel has three different peeling agents, which work together to help stimulate new skin cells to form. I have found it to be very comfortable and easy to manage.

For more information about VI PEEL, please contact my Patient Care Coordinator, Shelley Hirschman, at (310) 659-8771 or email her at [email protected]