Male Breast Reduction

Medications, genetics, and weight gain all contribute to a condition in men called Gynecomastia, meaning excess male breast tissue. I see many young boys as well as adult men with male breast tissue. This is a common complaint in my practice. The best option for removing the excess tissue is liposculpture with direct excision of the breast tissue. Many surgeons who don’t practice plastic surgery don’t understand the techniques necessary to get the best result. It is necessary to do BOTH direct excision and liposuction to contour the chest to make it flat. This is usually a two hour outpatient surgery. Recovery is usually 1-2 weeks, and most patients return to work after a few days. I do use drains and men wear a male vest for 2-3 weeks under their clothes to allow the skin to retract efficiently.

Although it is generally considered a non-reimbursable cosmetic procedure, an insurance company might make an exception if the excess tissue is causing irritation and pain, eg: rubbing against clothing. For more information about gynecomastia surgery, please contact my Patient Care Coordinator Shelley Hirschman at (310) 659-8771 or by email at [email protected]