Laser Lipolysis Liposuction Technology by SmoothLipo Beverly Hills Los Angeles CA

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Today I will be using the latest in laser liposuction technology the SmoothLipo by the company Eleme.  This has recently been approved by the FDA for liposuction.   This is a laser that uses a unique combination of 980nm and continuous wave output to provide the ability to quickly and safely deliver the energy required to heat the targeted fat to the proper temperature.  The results are consistent and repeatable and is said to provide optimal skin tightening.  SmoothLipo target localized fat deposits using a carefully selected 980nm wavelength. The 980nm absorption profile allows for faster more homogenous heating of targeted areas producing a more uniform result.    Continuous wave laser energy uniformly raises the temperature of the treatment area to 45-55 degress C, high enough to cause irreversible thermal death to the fat cells.  This process is efficient and effective and continues well after the aspiration.

I will be making a video blog for my patients to see this laser liposculpture in action.    I feel there may be some advantages to this new technology but patients need to realize that the results of surgery depend on the surgeon NOT a machine.  Going to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is the best way to ensure that you will have an optimal result.  You are paying for the surgeon’s skill and experience…. not a machine to give you the best results.

Andrew Cohen, M.D., FACS