Common Questions About Labiaplasty

If you experience feminine discomfort or are otherwise unhappy with your labia minora, read through the interview below with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Cohen, about the procedure. To schedule your consultation, please contact us today!

Why are patients getting a labiaplasty?

A lot of our patients don’t like the appearance of their labia minora so they seek labiaplasty. They can get elongated due to exercise or having kids. One of our recent patients was having issues with urinary tract infections. Reducing the labia minora helps improve the appearance and makes the chance of irritation in clothes less of a possibility.

How long is the procedure?

Takes one to two hours to do the procedure. I use all dissolvable sutures. The post-operative healing time is about one week.

What technique do you like to use?

I like the trim approach. Trimming the edges of the labia minora using an ellipse or a curved incision has helped me have an improved appearance and prevents removing too much tissue. We call this the “Cohen Ellipse.”

Are there other techniques?

There is another technique called the wedge. This removes the tissue in a diamond-like fashion. This is also a very popular technique, but I prefer the trim. Best to ask your board-certified plastic surgeon which techniques they like and why. Make sure to see lots of pictures.

Do I need a clitoral hood excision?

I do a clitoral hood reduction only if necessary. Removing a little skin on top of the clitoris can help increase sexual function, but I am very conservative in this area.

Is this done under anesthesia?

We do this under local anesthesia or under some sedation. It’s up to the patients to decide with me and my staff. Most patients can do very well with some oral medications to make them feel comfortable and then it is done with local anesthesia only.

What about tightening of the vagina?

Tightening of the vagina is commonly performed as well. However, I prefer that part to be done by a gynecologist.

What about the labia majora?

The labia majora can also be reduced with liposuction or with an excision of the skin. Both techniques are commonly used.

When can I resume sexual activity and exercise?

Most patients resume sexual activity 3 weeks post surgery. Exercise like spinning or running should be avoided for about 4 to 6 weeks.