The future is fat! Having just come back from the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), meeting in Toronto last weekend fat is the rage. Fat grafting to the face and body helps restore your youthful appearance and has changed how I think about facelifting. Yesterday I used the waterjet which is a fantastic new machine to harvest fat more easily and gently and re-inject into a young woman’s hands. Hands are a great area for fat grafting as we all get older and the veins start to show more and this can show your age. Smooth full hands are a sign of youth. It is one of the areas I am asked frequently about. The waterjet pumps water into areas to help remove the fat in a more gentle way so that more will last or what we say “take” to the grafted areas. Usual areas of fat grafting is the face or hands or areas of liposuction that need refining. The website is www.humanmed.com if you are interested in the technology.