Now Trending: Aesthetic Cell Therapy Using LAVIV

Dr. Cohen, what can I do about lip lines?” Many of my patients have been asking about the latest fillers for lip lines, and I have some news about a promising new treatment. LAVIV is an FDA approved therapy that uses your own collagen-producing cells (called Fibroblasts) to improve the appearance of moderate to severe smile lines. As you age, collagen, which provides firmness and structure to the skin, breaks down and wrinkles develop. LAVIV Therapy uses your own cells to create an injectible filler for your smile lines. Here’s how it works: I take a few small skin samples from behind your ear and send them to a Fibrocell Science manufacturing facility, which expands your cells into hundreds of millions of new cells over a period of ninety days. The cells are processed and returned to me for injection into your smile lines. What makes LAVIV different from other fillers is that it is prepared especially for you from your own skin cells.

For more information about LAVIV, please contact my Patient Care Coordinator, Shelley Hirschman, at (310) 659-8771 or