Cosmetic Town News Interviews Dr. Cohen on Surgical Technology

The cosmetic surgery industry has continued to advance over the years, with new technologies making procedures safer and more effective. From people using social media to show off their results, to lasers and microsurgery creating beautiful results with shorter recovery times, there’s no doubt cosmetic treatments have become more convenient and more appealing for men and women.

In a recent article on Cosmetic Town—an online resource featuring medical journals, patient reviews, and news—our plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Cohen, was interviewed as an expert on advancing technology. When asked about the limitations of innovations made in plastic surgery, he revealed there really aren’t any, as they seem to only improve treatment processes and patient results. With this in mind, Dr. Cohen says, “As of 2018, there are so many new machines and technologies that are coming out that it is hard for patients and doctors to keep up with them.” To help patients confidently choose a physician who utilizes up-to-date techniques and equipment, Dr. Cohen advises they do the following:

  • Seek an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon
  • View before-and-after photos of their patients
  • Learn about the benefits and risks of their procedure

While the newer, less invasive procedures available today offer patients a great alternative to surgery, Dr. Cohen clarifies that, “By far, surgery still gives the best long-term and predictable results in comparison to non-surgical technology.“

To read the full article by Cosmetic Town, visit: “How Is New Technology Making A Revolutionary Change In The Field Of Cosmetic Surgery?