Allure Magazine Interviews Dr. Cohen About a Celebrity’s Implant Removal

allure-logoIn a recent story on Allure magazine’s website, Dr. Andrew Cohen was featured explaining the topic of breast implant illness. The article focuses on celebrity Ashley Tisdale’s decision to get her breast implants removed, after feeling symptoms of what she thought might be breast implant illness. Her unexplained digestive issues and food sensitivities led to her seeking explant surgery, in hopes of it relieving her minor health concerns.

Dr. Cohen is quoted in the article, saying: “’[Breast implants] have been studied worldwide for decades, and the scientific literature shows no causal relationship between implants and autoimmune diseases.’” He goes on to explain that while no direct connection has been scientifically proven, that doesn’t mean a patient can’t have a reaction to implants. Breast implant illness is a term used to identify the variety of symptoms women believe may be related to their breast implants, such as fatigue, joint pain, memory issues, and rashes.

Dr. Cohen says he has performed breast revision surgery without implant replacement for patients like Tisdale in an effort to alleviate their symptoms, as well as for other reasons that are cosmetic in nature. Whether a patient is interested in breast explantation or considering breast augmentation for the first time, he encourages them to do their research and consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to know their options and the associated risks.

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