Dr. Cohen Performs Surgery on Patient with Cheek Piercings

Dr. Cohen is asked frequently to help patients with interesting and unique surgical problems. He brings unique and creative solutions to a difficult problem in this recent surgery of a young woman who had piercings on her cheeks. She had piercings done when she was younger and now is a professional who would like to have them removed. Unfortunately, facial plastic surgery is the only answer. Once the piercing is removed, the skin on the cheek and the tunnel to the inside of the mouth needs to be surgically excised. This is difficult to do to as the cheek has nerves and vessels, and there is an important structure called Stentsen’s duct that needs to be carefully avoided when operating in this location. This is a salivary gland duct that is very close to this location.

Watch the video of Dr. Andrew Cohen excising the skin on the cheek and the tunnel of skin to the mouth, and see the beautiful post-op photos. 

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