Are You A Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Macromastia is the medical term for excessively large breasts, and I have performed hundreds of breast reductions on women who could no longer suffer with the symptoms, which include severe neck pain, shoulder pain, deep shoulder grooves, and painful skin rashes. I continue to see many patients with large painful breasts –- in fact, breast reduction is one of my most requested surgical procedures. I generally use the inferior pedicle technique, called the Wise Pattern. This places an incision around the nipple and vertical as well as underneath the breast. The incision is important because it helps me reshape the breasts. The nipple is not removed — it is left intact for best sensation and healing.

There are some patients who will benefit from a Verticle Mastopexy. This is an incision around the nipple and vertically down, also called the lollipop. I was trained to do this procedure by expert plastic surgeons in Atlanta, Georgia.

Breast reduction surgery may be covered by insurance and classified as reconstructive if you meet a “volume requirement”, meaning that at least 500 grams (or more) of breast tissue and fat can be safely removed from each side. To learn more about breast reduction surgery, please contact my Patient Care Coordinator Shelley Hirschman at (310) 659-8771 or [email protected].