VI Peel®


We have added a new peel to our practice. The VI Peel® has been a hit! I had it done for myself last week and my office manager had it as well. It has given patients and myself a nice glow and fresh skin. I peeled on day 3 and day 4 and 5. Was still able to see my patients and do my daily surgeries and be out in the public. Just needed to use the sunblock and moisturizer that came with the kit for the VI Peel®.

This is a unique peel that has TCA, Phenol, Retin A and Vitamin C and Salicylic acid… all which is below 15%. This will definitely make you peel for several days and give your skin a refreshed glow. I speak from my own personal experience. My patients love it.

The cost is $400.00 for the VI Peel®. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon I personally will apply the peel for my patients myself rather than a nurse or physician assistant.