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Breast Reconstruction

A significant part of plastic surgery is dedicated to restoring patients to a more normal appearance following surgery for cancer, trauma, accidents, or birth defects.

While aesthetic surgery is aimed at improving the appearance of normal structures, reconstructive surgery focuses on rebuilding a normal structure after it has been damaged by an accident or following cancer removal. Dr. Cohen has trained under surgeons who developed many of these reconstructive procedures including the simplification of tissue transfers, microsurgery, and the extensive area of cranio-facial surgery that are now practiced worldwide.

Breast reconstruction is designed to restore a breast to its original appearance following a mastectomy for breast cancer. Although the procedure can be performed many years following breast cancer surgery, recent advancements encourage patients to undergo breast reconstruction at the time of mastectomy. Reconstructive surgery can be done using either breast implants or by transferring a patient's own tissue, most commonly from the lower abdomen or back. Dr. Cohen will help determine your best options.

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