Women who experience enlarged tissue around the vaginal opening, medically referred to as the labia minora, can attain effective treatment with labiaplasty surgery. Plastic surgeon Andrew T. Cohen, MD performs labiaplasty to reduce and reshape the labia, giving patients greater comfort and an improved sense of confidence with their appearance.

Heredity, the natural progression of age, and difficult childbirth can all contribute to developing enlarged labial tissue. The condition can often cause women to experience sexual discomfort and difficulty wearing certain types of clothing. It can also have an effect on exercise and daily physical activity. With labioplasty surgery, Dr. Cohen can reduce the excess tissue and reshape the labia in a relatively quick outpatient procedure.

What is a Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a short procedure performed most often in an outpatient surgical facility. It usually takes only one hour. The procedure is done with sedation anesthesia (twilight) or if the patient requests, general anesthesia can be used. If it is done under sedation a local injection into the operative site is also done. Following the procedure, the patient spends about an hour in the recovery room; where a registered nurse supervises you. Following the surgery, there will be minor discomfort and swelling of the surgery site for a few days, which gradually decreases. It takes about six weeks to be completely healed. In the post surgery period the patient is treated with pain medication as necessary and antibiotics. Application of ointments and ice is also recommended.

Although few, as with any surgery, there are some risks associated with labiaplasty surgery. Most commonly, one is concerned with the possibility of developing scarring, bleeding, or infection. These are rare, when performed by top surgeons in approved and licensed facilities. According to one study, four years after the procedure more than 95 percent of patients were happy with the outcome of this procedure.

What results can be expected? The labia should appear smaller and hidden within the labia majora. The color of the skin should be pink as most dark pigment should be removed at surgery. After a few months, any discomfort associated with wearing tight clothing or sports, which was due to enlarged labia, is gone.

Some women worry that a labiaplasty may decrease their sexual pleasure. This is not true, since the clitoris which is the female structure most associated with sensory pleasure is not involved or changed during this procedure.

What is Your Technique?

I use a unique technique to remove the skin. I call it the Cohen Ellipse technique. This is a unique way to remove the skin while making sure the incision is well hidden. In addition, it preserves vital structures for sensitivity and feelings. Some patients have the clitoral hood trimmed at the same time if this bothers them.

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